Pigmentation Removal In Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits

Pigmentation Removal In Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits

Pigmentation Removal In Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits

Pigmentation increases how old we look more so than wrinkles. So, if there is something about your skin that is bothering you it’s easy to do something about it.

Pigmentation refers to the coloring of the skin. Skin disorders cause changes to the color of your skin. Melanin is made by cells in the skin and is the pigment responsible for your skin’s color.

Pigmentation is a condition that causes your skin to darken. This can affect patches of your skin or your entire body. Age spots, also called liver spots, are a common type of hyperpigmentation.

It is usually harmless but can sometimes be caused by an underlying medical condition. Certain medications can also cause your skin to darken. It’s more of a cosmetic issue for most people.

Reduce freckles, age spots, and larger patches of discolored skin with our medical-grade Pigmentation removal in Dehradun, Cosmedical-grade peels, and Skin Needling. Because who does not want a younger, brighter, more even or bright complexion.

Types of pigmentation:

There are several types of hyperpigmentation:

Melasma is believed to be caused by hormonal changes and develops during pregnancy. Areas of hyperpigmentation can appear on any area of the body part. They appear most commonly on the abdomen and face.

Sunspots, also called liver spots or solar lentigines, are common. They are related to excess sun exposure over time. Normally, they appear as spots of hyperpigmentation on areas exposed to the sun, like the hands and face.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a result of an injury to the skin.

What are the symptoms :

Darkened areas of the skin are the only symptoms of skin disorder. Patches can vary in size and can develop anywhere on the body.

What are the risk factors:

Sun exposure can increase melanin production. Greater exposure to the sun increases the risk of developing pigmentation.

Pigmentation Removal In Dehradun, Procedure, Cost, Benefits


A common cause is an excess production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives skin its color. And it is produced by skin cells called melanocytes. Several different conditions or factors can alter the production of melanin in the body.

Certain medications can cause skin discoloration Also, some chemotherapy drugs can cause the skin disease as a side effect, according to the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Pregnancy changes buy valium ireland hormone levels and can affect melanin production in some women.

Endocrine disease, like Addison’s disease, disrupt hormone levels and can increase melanin production. Excessive sun exposure can also cause an increase in melanin.

How it is diagnosed:

A dermatologist can diagnose pigmentation. They will take your medical history and give you a physical exam to determine the cause.

Skin Conditions Treated:

  • Freckles
  • Sun Spots
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots.
  • Flat pigmented birthmarks.

About the treatment:

Skin pigmentation marks are a build-up of melanocytes the cells that containing melanin under the skin typically referred to as freckles and age spots on the hands, face and body areas.

Different types of laser can be used depending on the type of pigmentation. It is in superficial lesions, then the Alexandrite 755nm Laser Pigmentation Removal treatment in Dehradun is effective in removing pigmentation in as little as 1 to 3 treatments.

The treatment will also depend on the area being treated, the type of pigmentation, and level of recovery time. Laser treatment is one of the most advanced treatments for removing unwanted pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, melasma, and freckles.

Skin Pigmentation Removal with Alexandrite 755nm is a quick, gentle and non-invasive treatment. This specially designed laser is absorbed only by the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment.

It does not affect the surrounding tissues or remove the normal skin color. The light pulses produced by the laser can feel similar to the flicking of a rubber elastic band and for most people is not too much uncomfortable.

Immediate darkening is noticed after the treatment. For 7-10 days the area will look like a dark scab which eventually sheds off.

For deep pigmentation such as melasma, ActiveFX Laser Resurfacing is the skin pigmentation treatment of choice which can remove up to 80% of melanin in one treatment.

How does Laser work:

The Alexandrite 755nm produces a wavelength of high energy light, Which is then converted into heat energy.

This can target the specific area of pigmentation because the laser is absorbed only by cells containing an excessive concentration of pigmentation.

This causes efficient destruction while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged.


Can minimize and eliminate the appearance of pigmentation.

Treats body and facial areas.

Minimal side-effects and recovery time.

Make-up can be worn after treatment.




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