Hair loss Treatment In Dehradun, Causes, Types, Therapies

Hair loss Treatment In Dehradun, Causes, Types, Therapies

Hair loss Treatment In Dehradun, Causes, Types, Therapies

Hair loss, or alopecia, is a concern for men, women, and children. Treatments for hair loss include medications and surgeries such as hair replacements and hair restoration.

Hair loss facts:

Hair loss is a very common condition and affects most people at some time in their lives or at any age. Hair loss from breakage of the hair shaft is different than hair loss due to decreased hair growth.

Hair loss is seen in both men and women is Androgenetic but is more dramatic in men. Cause of hair loss are Thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels may cause hair loss.

Alopecia areata(Baldness) is a form of hair loss produced by the autoimmune destruction of hair follicles in localized areas of skin. Medications indicated for hair regrowth include minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride(Propecia).

Prevention of hair loss includes good hair hygiene, Shampooing in a right way, and good nutrition. Medical health screening for hair loss may include blood tests such as complete blood count, iron level, vitamin B, thyroid function tests (TFT), and a biopsy of the scalp.

What are the causes and risk factors for hair loss?

Because there are many types of hair loss, finding the cause can be tough. This review will cover the most common causes of hair loss on normal unscarred scalp skin. The medical term for hair loss is alopecia.

Most hair loss is not associated with systemic or internal disease, nor is poor diet a frequent factor. Hair may simply thin as a result of predetermined heredity factors and the overall aging process.

Many men and women may notice mild thinning of hair starting in their 30s and 40s. Life vicissitudes, including illness, emotional trauma, protein deprivation, and hormonal changes like those in pregnancy, puberty, and menopause may cause hair loss.

Several health conditions, including thyroid disease and iron deficiency anemia, also a cause hair loss. While thyroid blood tests and other lab tests, including a complete blood count (CBC), on people who have ordinary hair loss are usually normal, it is important to exclude treatable causes of hair loss.

Hair loss Treatment In Dehradun, Causes, Types, Therapies

Patchy hair loss

Some conditions produce small areas of hair loss, while others affect large areas of the scalp. Common causes of patchy hair loss are:

  • Alopecia areata (small circular or coin size patches of scalp baldness that usually grow back within months),
  • Traction alopecia (thinning from tight braids or ponytails),
  • Trichotillomania (the habit of twisting or pulling hair out),
  • Tinea capitis (fungal infection), and
  • Secondary syphilis.

Diffuse hair loss:

Some common causes of diffuse hair loss are:

  • Pattern alopecia,
  • Drug-induced alopecia,
  • Protein malnutrition, and
  • Systemic disease-induced alopecia (cancer, endocrine disease, and telogen effluvium).

What treatment is there for hair loss In Dehradun:

There are few scientifically proven and FDA-approved treatments for hair loss, which actually work very well. There are thousands of unproven claims and products to help with hair regrowth.

Nioxin has been a popular brand of shampoo for hair loss, but there is no compelling evidence showing it is any more effective than regular shampoos and did not provide good results.

These products are usually harmless but generally not scientifically proven and therefore potentially useless. To slow down hair loss, there are many good ways to have a fuller head.

These include hair transplant, PRP, which are for long-term use. The patient will simply revert to the state he would have been in had he never started treatment.

Hair weaving in Dehradun:

Weaving is best to get rid of baldness. Hair weaving is the technique of adding hair to the scalp by the weaving or braiding of human or synthetic hair. This is also called Hair Integration.

The hair extension is woven to the root area of the candidate’s hair so that it looks natural and best. It is the process of combining 100% human hair to the clients owns natural hair.

Hair transplant in Dehradun:

Hair transplant is the best way to get rid of baldness and hair loss. Hair fall is one of the most common problems we face nowadays. What is also common is our lack of knowledge about the wonderful and simple ways through which we can treat the problem.

Hair fall is common in both men and women as we said above. But some has too much hair loss because of that many people face baldness, there are many treatments but for the best and long-last procedure.

It is a surgical process in which a doctor-surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. In this therapy, hair follicles remove from one part of the body that is called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’.

There are two types of Hair transplant process first one is slit grafts and second is micro-grafts. Slit grafts contain 4 to 10 hairs per graft. Micro-grafts contain one or two hairs per graft, depending on the amount of coverage needed.

PRP Therapy in Dehradun:

Hair loss is the biggest problem for anyone have, hair is a beautiful thing that makes you beautiful and enhances your appearance, but what about hair loss and baldness. If you want a permanent solution you should go for PRP Therapy in Dehradun.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. Have you heard about vampire facial that includes your own blood for facial to make your skin more glowing and beautiful? Same in this therapy you need your own blood too for the process, but now let’s see.

What is the process?

As with many procedures, there is a careful process involved in using PRP for hair regrowth, beginning with a standard blood draw from the patient’s arm.

After that, the tube of blood is put into a machine called a centrifuge, which spins the blood tube to separate out the red blood cells from the plasma.

Then the plasma, rich in platelets, is then injected directly into the scalp at the level of the hair follicles.”

The process is meticulous with injections beginning across the scalp, approximately at every half inch over the area of thinning hair.

The entire procedure takes less than a half hour.


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